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Experience the endless possibilities when you choose to walk the conscious path of growth, evolution & ascension.

Together within The Growth Shift Community, we are creating a better future for generations to come by changing the way we work, the way we operate, and the way we create our lives.

We are moving away from leading ourselves from only our ego-centre, and we are continually choosing to lower the armours and defences this world has caused us to put up so we can lead with our hearts wide open and create a life full of love, compassion, and kindness for ourselves and everyone around us.

The Growth Shift is a community where everyone is welcome. It is a safe space where we are healing, evolving, expanding, and ascending… TOGETHER.

You can choose to join TGSC as a member, or you can choose to invest in any of the TGSC Experiences to get access to TGSC for the time-frame given for that particular experience.

You’re invited to explore our marketplace, and if you have any questions please reach out to our team!

Available Experiences

The Growth Shift Community

We're so excited to welcome you to our community !

This section is going to introduce you to how this community works, give you access to recent updates, as well as give you access to our value vault & infographics for you to use to share our wonderful community with others!

True Health Series

Our Health is Our True Wealth.

Water is our most important resource, yet the waters that we are typically provided with are contaminated and therefore detrimental to our health in all the ways.

Our typical lifestyle is poisoning us, causing inflammation & dis-ease in our mind/body & soul.

This free series will share with you just how important having our health as a top priority is, how important drinking/using the right water is for you, as well as sharing various other important information that links back to true health.

TGSC Training Vault

Past & Future community trainings, guest appearances, and Q&As.

TGSC Membership Podcast

An amalgamation of the daily riffs/trainings/insights that are sent within the TGSC telegram chats, all in one space for your easy listening.

Business Initiation

This is where you start your online business journey and your dance towards true freedom, !

Rise Up University

With over 70 separate teachings to support you in your internal growth & healing journey, , you are well looked after within this portal that was made to support you in the cultivation and expansion of your personal power.

8 Week Business Launch

Now you’ve fully launched your business with us, this step-by-step section will support you with the fundamentals to do with moving forward in the creation of your success, .

The Academy of Online Business Creation

This body of training is going to allow you to continue to soar in your new social media marketing business after you’ve learned the fundamentals in the 8 week business launch.


This experience will allow you to deepen into your sense of self, cultivate & expand on your personal power, and build upon your strength & surety. This is a roadmap to Embracing your beauty & brilliance and moving towards everything you desire.

Magnetising Magic

An experience to bring you back to the remembrance of the magic inside of you when it comes to consciously creating your reality.

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