Rise Up University

Rise U is included within The Growth Shift Community membership.

Rise U has been created for t
he Badass who's;
- Wanting to move forward with their personal growth but doesn't know where to start.
- Already started their growth journey but wants more guidance.

This portal supplies everything you need to know when it comes to setting the foundations for your internal growth & your healing.

It’s time to feel empowered on what to do & where go because you have everything you need & more, here.

THE INTENTION is to navigate this human experience as seamlessly and enjoyably as possible.

You deserve to be happy & healthy in every aspect of your life.
It's important that you connect to & understand everything it is that you are.
To actively move towards what it is you truly want.
To build deep & expansive connections with the ones you love….

And most importantly, to know why you're here & where you're going.

✨ Over 70 videos that will expand your awareness, consciousness and guide you towards your connection as to how powerful you truly are. Categories include; mind, body, soul, inner-power, self-management, relationships, rituals.
✨ Self-reflective homework in the form of journal prompts and questions to ask yourself.
✨ Extra curriculum from industry experts relating to various teachings in the form of books, articles, visual documentaries & podcasts.

Enjoy! This portal is a beauty!


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