Business Initiation

Your journey towards true health starts with us here, in the Business Initiation Process.

Our business model is not just a business - it’s a beautiful journey to creating true freedom in our lives, within & without.

You’re going to first experience the “Creating Crystal Clarity' mindset coaching course to set you up beautifully for your new journey, and then Mel will introduce you to the business model we have within TGSC, and how you’re able to move forward with us in a way that suits you perfectly, where all budgets can be catered for.

At the end of your process you’ll have a start-up call to welcome you into the community, and to support your forward movement.

7 Modules

Start Here!

This section sets the tone for the whole initiation process, it’s also where you get to book your TGSC start-up call.

Business Blueprint

Here you will learn about our global movement of true health, the products we align with and share, as well as the amazing benefits & career plan that come with starting your new business with our automated model within TGSC.

Optional Extra Curriculum

It’s encouraged to review this information in your own time, yet it’s not mandatory to complete before your start-up call.

Modules for this experience 7
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