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The energy is something like a high to me! I love being able to read others take away a and get to know them and love Mel’s energy that she brings for us all.
Those refocus mentorship riffs definitely they are massive for me 🙏🏻 Feeling supported. Being able to reach out and the feeling of security that comes with that from someone who doesn’t have that with anybody and no true friends (yet). I love being able to pop stuff in there for others in my good times 🙏🏻
▶ I am loving the community feel that comes within The Growth Shift. I have personally needed some extra support due to some life events and the women in the community really stepped up. The questions and wonderings I have get answered along the way as well. There’s so much love, respect, and encouragement inside the community.
▶ I’m loving the fact that I feel comfortable to express myself and have the interaction!
▶ I am currently loving the connections I am building and the support I feel through out the members.
▶ The support I am getting from the people in the community and the step by step video trainings teaching me what to do.
▶ The inspiration and shift of my energy regularly when I listen and connect.


▶ I am feeling more confident to admit to myself that I too have needs. I am more inclined to listen to my body, to really listen to what it is trying to tell me. I continue to speak up about my feelings in my safe space. I continue to set boundaries even when it's hard. I am also working on my language, and how I choose to talk to people.
▶ I have found peace in navigating my actions and the joy has helped my push myself towards committing to do my goals.
▶ I have had some personal break throughs. I’ve become more aware of when I react instead of respond in higher stress situations. Listening to the riffs through out the month has also helped me feel vibrationally higher.
▶ I have found better expression in my voice to express myself.
▶ I feel my mind is freer. I am able to see more clearly the things I want to create for myself and my family.
▶ I have gotten to sit back and watch the universe place so many wonderful things and opportunities fall into place for me now that my focus is on myself.
▶ I have found where I’ve lost my alignment and moving in better ways.


▶ Leaders inside TGSC empower each other in life, business, and beyond by sharing their authenticity, vulnerability, and individual knowledge and expertise.
▶ To someone on the fence I would say “No matter what you think or feel the people here are wanting to help, support and listen so you don’t feel alone. That was my push to embrace the community.” My sentence of experience “The mission of growth in the community has given me hope and belief that I can really change my life”
▶ Choosing yourself, your growth, and a community of support is only going to boost you. If you truly want to move forward in life, and TGSC was brought to your awareness, it’s here for a reason. Take a chance on yourself.
▶ You never know what you’ll find inside of community until you choose to allow yourself to be part of the community. Ours is full of amazing, powerful, loving souls who want to see everyone rise together. 💕✨
▶ TGSC has provided me with the platform I needed to grow a successful business as well as grow personally in order to keep up with the business I am growing!
▶ Even though we may think we have the answers. The growth shift offers invaluable reminders/redirection and support. A place to surround yourself with inspiration for where you want to head.


▶ If I am totally honest, I am really struggling to put into words my experience with Mel. It really was the most magical session. I came away feeling so empowered, inspired and had real clarity on the things I now need to work on. 

I learned that there are so many unanswered questions about what I want… what I REALLY REALLY want (no spice girls ref intended). I now understand how needs and desires are separate and how important it is to know what my needs and desires lists are. Mel has now provided me with building blocks to delve way deeper into my self-discovery journey allowing me to know myself more and most importantly to heal.

A big ah-ha moment for me, was boundary setting, particularly in relationships. I have set boundaries in the past, or at least thought I had and they have been violated time and time again, and I would allow that to happen over and over - totally neglecting my own self-worth for so long.

There were tears, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

If you get the chance to spend time with Mel, you will get so so much from it, I can’t recommend it enough!

Thank you, Mel, for your time, energy, and spirit.

You really are an incredible woman, and I am so grateful to have shared that time with you.

▶ Thank you, however, just doesn’t feel like a big enough word for what just happened.

Your incredible workshop has opened my eyes and my soul to the healing work I still need to do to become my true authentic self.

The this experience is delivered in a way that is real & raw, makes sense and is easy to digest, but more than that, you deliver it in a way that is inclusive, supportive, warm, and direct.

I immediately felt welcome, safe, and heard which is all down to you.

I was blown away.

Mel, your knowledge on internal transformation easier to accept because you do not just talk the talk, you have also walked the walk and continue to do so which makes this experience even more impactful.

I feel so blessed to have met you, so blessed to have been invited and so grateful to have received such a powerful practice to work through going forward.

My growth is now on a whole new path of self-discovery and I am super excited to see the results of putting myself at the top of the list.

▶ I just want to say Thank You so much Mel.

Your experience really made me question some things I’ve really not considered along my journey and made me focus in much more detail on the areas of development I want to see growth in.

I now have a plan for where my immediate attention will go in regards to respecting myself, creating boundaries, and prioritizing time without distraction for self-care and self-love.

I now feel Bright, Light, Open, and with Direction.

• Embrace, where do I even begin?

Embrace has been a game changer for the level in which I can deep dive into my personal development, it’s like hitting the deep waters of my being and bringing my soul to light.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to discover truly who they are and learn to accept and love themselves to take this course. This course is as essential to self discovery as the sun light is to the earth. Thank you Mel for creating and delivering this to me and many others.

▶ Embrace enables you to question what you believe yourself to be.

If you are interested in taking a very important journey of self-discovery and paving your way to some understanding, compassion and inner peace, then this is the most comprehensive and intuitive course that I have seen.

Thank you so much x


▶ I have been working with Mel 1-1 for 3 months now and she has been by my side every step of the way. She’s there for me on regular calls and is also very responsive via messenger.

Not only have been able to break through a lot of mental, emotional and even physical traumas with her guidance, I have also been able to put in new routines and planning to create my business, as well as work on personal goals that I want to accomplish.

She is that perfect balance of positive encouragement and push without excuses, with honesty and facts about the process.

She is easy to approach with any kind of help.

Her spiritual work resonates so much with me and has given me opportunity to learn more about my own spirituality.

Having Mel guide me through out this journey is an opportunity I will forever stay humble and grateful for.

▶ Huge thank you and appreciation for my coach, Mel.

I have known you a long time and how much you have transformed your own life and those of people you touch is just the best inspiration

My journey -with your help- has been one of gradual awareness and consciousness of an alternative life to the one I had.

I don’t know many people that give so much support in so many ways - both business wise and emotionally.

There is not a situation I can think of where you haven’t guided me and been there when I need you.

You are always on hand that there is never a time difference and I appreciate you totally.

Whilst you keep your boundaries,

you keep on giving to anyone prepared to help themselves and I am so pleased you are in my life ❤️

Mel's coaching can leave me feeling quite emotional in a good way.

Mel asks me questions that makes me reflect on my worth and how this translates into my business & pricing.

Hearing my own words of overcoming suicidal ideation through the practises I now offer in my own coaching practise awoke a fire in me that's making me see that raising my price, and the way I choose to show up in my business, is definitely more than ok.

You can feel that Mel is standing in her power and gently invites you to stand in yours through provoking some of the conditioning to the surface.

▶ I have known Mel since she started out her self-development and business journey. We connected and clicked more or less straight away.

All through the years, I have watched her grow and develop. I have had the privilege of watching her reach each milestone she set herself. But no matter where she is or I am in my life, she has reached out, given guidance, and shared her knowledge.

More recently I joined her in the business world and have been working alongside her and this is where her passion, energy, and support really shines. Whether it’s helping me create my business or guiding me on personal and private levels she just wants to help people grow and become whom they were born to be.

I have seen multiple changes in myself.

  • I am more confident.
  • I am more patient and understanding with my children and other people.
  • I am learning to set boundaries which has been a game-changer for me, as I am a working full-time mum with a side business.
  • I am happier, I feel happier. I want to smile most of the time and I now want to talk and help other people too.

She has given me tools and guidance to be more of my authentic self. To reconnect with the woman I was before I became a mother.

With Mel you are never on your own.

And that is priceless.

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