Embrace has been created for the beautiful, brave, strong human who is ready to embark on a deep journey to Self; to truly get to the core of everything that they came from, who they are at present, and where they’re embarking on going. 

They are ready to transform things in their world to benefit them in every way.

They desire to cultivate, maintain, and expand on a healthy sense of personal power that invites the people in their lives to truly see, hear, accept, understand, respect, and love them in the ways that are wanted/needed & required at the current stage within their experience, for their own optimal happiness.

Embrace is a 6-module deep dive experience that is encouraged to be revisited over and over again throughout the expansion journey, as every stage of level up requires new bridges to gap in every module covered because of the new identity that will be naturally arise in this beautiful process of growth & ascension.

This experience will transform your life in so many good ways, in so many areas, over and over and over again.

After starting my journey towards intentional life creation from the inside-out back in 2017, I found that everything I was experiencing in my outer reality was simply a reflection of the inner reality that had been unconsciously created through my life experience.

As I became more aware and conscious of my internal experience and how that was affecting my current reality, I soon got to work to start transforming things internally so I could ultimately transform things for myself externally.

It’s been a process, that at times has not been easy; yet these moments within my journey have strengthened me in ways that nothing else could have, and for that I’m so grateful.

Fortunately for you, devouring my experiential wisdom throughout this experience will enable you to make the changes I made in the 4 years leading up to making this experience with more awareness, speed, ease, and grace; making your hardships easier managed than what mine were.

The end-result of completing this experience every time you do, is a strengthening of your own personal power, and a “lightening” through the shedding of all of the things in your current experience that are not serving your highest, ultimately allowing you to rise to your ultimate potential.

The aim is continual evolution, and to rise high towards absolutely everything it is that you desire in your life. We get to create it all, and Embrace is the experience that’s really going to allow you to become crystal clear on what that is, as well as guide you towards exactly what you get to do to create it for yourself - because you’re really that powerful in the creation of the reality and life experience it is that you desire.

Your investment into Embrace will give you lifetime access to the recordings, as well as 6 months access to The Growth Shift Community where Rise Up University is housed, in which you will then have the option to continue to be a member.

Excited to serve you!
We Rise, Together.


If I am totally honest, I am really struggling to put into words this experience with Mel.

It really was the most magical experience. I came away feeling so empowered, inspired, and had real clarity on the things (and ways of forward movement) I now need to work on. - Meg Rose


Thank you, however, just doesn’t feel like a big enough word for what I just went through.

Your incredible experience has opened my eyes and my soul to the healing work I still need to do to become my true authentic self.

This experience is delivered in a way that is real & raw, makes sense and is easy to digest, but more than that, you deliver it in a way that is inclusive, supportive, warm, and direct.

I’ve been blown away.

Mel, your knowledge on internal transformation easier to accept because you do not just talk the talk, you have also walked the walk and continue to do so which makes this experience even more impactful.

I feel so blessed to have met you, so blessed to have been invited and so grateful to have received such a powerful practice to work through going forward.My growth is now on a whole new path of self-discovery and I am super excited to see the results of putting myself at the top of the list. — Kirsty Raven


Your experience really made me question some things I’ve really not considered along my journey and made me focus in much more detail on the areas of development I want to see growth in.

I now have a plan for where my immediate attention will go in regards to respecting myself, creating boundaries, and prioritising time without distraction for self-care and self-love.I now feel Bright, Light, Open, and with Direction. — Kamilla Tiddles


Embrace has been a game changer for the level in which I can deep dive into my personal development, it’s like hitting the deep waters of my being and bringing my soul to light.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to discover truly who they are and learn to accept and love themselves to take this course. This course is as essential to self discovery as the sun light is to the earth.

Thank you Mel for creating and delivering this to me and many others. — Nadine Ireland


Embrace enables you to question what you believe yourself to be.

If you are interested in taking a very important journey of self-discovery and paving your way to some understanding, compassion and inner peace, then this is the most comprehensive and intuitive course that I have seen.

Thank you so much x — Jayne Bagshaw

8 Modules


A moment to welcome you into the space so you can land into the flow of the experience, and what’s expected throughout. An oracle card was also pulled to set the tone for the experience moving forward.

Choosing Yourself

We start here, because this is really the core foundational building blocks when it comes to ensuring your continual forward movement when it comes to created everything you desire. We’ve been led away from choosing ourselves, in fact, the majority of us have completely turned out backs on ourselves. It’s time to change that.

Transforming The Relationship With Yourself

The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we can build; for this sets an example for how everyone else in our lives treat us, and the relationships we ultimately curate. We can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves… it’s time to start the journey into your depths.

Making Peace With Yourself

It’s time to let go of any negativity you have surrounding yourself & your story. Everything that you are, and everything that you have done &/or experienced has made you into the beautiful human you are today, it’s something to be revered! Once we make peace with the parts of ourselves that we have come to hide in the darkness, the feeling of liberation is something that cannot be described, only experienced.

Connecting With Yourself

Being able to connect to yourself & the innate wisdom that is within you through the unification of the whole of your being is something that you have been led away from - it’s time to remember how very powerful you are when you connect to and unify your mind/body & soul.

Coming Home To Yourself

Every single one of us have been led away from who we truly are because of a wider agenda at play. Many are lost and have no idea why they’re here or what they desire to do for themselves. It’s time you remember. You came here for such a beautiful, brilliant, and unique reason. With the other modules stacked upon each other leading you to this one, it's time you come home to the reason why you came here.

Overcoming Yourself

The only thing that gets in the way of us creating our next level version of life, our next level version of self… is ourselves. It’s so important that we realise when protection mechanisms come up so we can alchemise and transmute accordingly, overcoming our biggest obstacle.

Closing Words

As we end the experience, I share parting words & love. It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve you & I’m excited to continue to witness you expand!

Modules for this experience 8
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