The Growth Shift Community

This global online community is for heart-centred, driven souls who are passionate in creating better for themselves, the future for their children, and ultimately the world. We are moving towards true freedom, true health, and sovereignty, sharing it with those who desire it too, as we have created &/or create it for ourselves.

To support and guide you every step of the way in creating true health, true freedom and sovereignty in every area of your life through sharing:

  • Daily embodiment & self-leadership riffs/training/insights.
  • A high-ticket, sustainable & ethical online business blueprint & model centred around true health.
  • Step-by-step training & support to succeed in the social media marketing world.
  • The relevant internal growth & healing support, mentorship, tools, and resources to support you in your journey of life creation as the whole human.

Everything provided to you is totally customisable to you. There is no one cookie-cutter size fits all in this world when creating the lives we individually desire from our heart-centre, so you are given the resources to guide you in your own embodiment for the life it is you’re moving towards.

An ambitious and driven person who understands that the creation of the life you see in your minds eye and feel in your heart requires the investment of money, time, energy & effort. You are prepared to do anything it takes to create everything you you feel is for you, because you trust in your power and your ability. You are coachable & willing to learn, and equally, you desire to give back and support others.

You can register for our free training via this link to learn more about our business model.

This our free community on Facebook that you are welcome to join, should you wish to explore more of what we’re about.

Your monthly membership to The Growth Shift Community gets you access to:

  • Our private Telegram Community
    • Where high-level mentorship voice notes covering self-leadership & embodiment in business and life are shared multiple times a week in the form of riffs/trainings & insights.
    • Where you can connect with other beautiful freedom seekers all over the world.
  • TGSC Training Vault
    • Over 20 trainings, as extra curriculum, to support you on your journey.
  • TGSC Podcast
    • Over 75 training riffs spanning personal & business growth.
  • The Business Initiation Process
    • Including the Creating Crystal Clarity mindset coaching course.
  • Rise Up University
    • Where over 70 teachings are available to support you in your internal growth & healing journey.
      Teachings cover mind/body/soul/inner-power/self-management/relationships/rituals.
  • The 8-Week Business Launch
    • Step by step training to launch your business in the best way.
  • Affiliate program
    • The chance to take advantage of 33% affiliate commissions should you wish to share this community with others, cover your member investment, and more!

Once you fully launch your high-ticket business within The Growth Shift Community Organisation, you will have access to this community, The Academy of Online Business Creation, and Ever Expanding Mastermind, for free.

Are you ready to gain access to the road that’s going to allow you to create your true freedom, feel supported in the creation of everything you desire, and join a community of conscious, beautiful, heart-centred souls?

This is for you.

Take advantage of our 7-day free trial, join the community, chat with myself, my team and the other members of this soul-nourishing movement.

Excited to support you in your growth, and witness you in your magic!
Together, We Rise!

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As you embark on your individual journey towards the creation of your true freedom with the online business model we offer within TGSC, let's take a look into the power of this online community who are on your level, and why we created The Growth Shift Community to aid in the transformation of your inner & outer world.

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